Sound System & Lighting:
The Sound System you see & hear is composed of High Quality and Professional Equipment designed for Commercial use.  The Sound that you will hear is of the highest quality known.  We have 3 pair of Speakers to cover a wide range of audio requirements. 2 Pair are Peavey Impulse 1015 Two-Way Loudspeaker that can handle 1400 watts of power each and can reach peaks of 2800 watts each. Another pair are JBL  SR4738 Professional Stage Reference,  which can handle 2800 watts of power each,  and can reach peaks of 3600 watts.  This produces a clear, clean and crisp sound.  On the any of our  systems, On the BIG systems, The Speakers are powered by either  a Crest Audio Amplifier  CA-12 which produces 1200 watts of clean clear power to each channel or a QSC PLX 3602 which can produce 1800 watts of clean clear power per channel. On the smaller system a Carver PM-950 which produces 475 watts of clean clear power to each channel. On both systems a high quality Equalizer is used to pre-effect the sound quality in any size room.  The Lighting effects are of the newest in design. The lights move to the beat of the music with full dichroic color.  This adds great action to the dance floor.  Fog,  if so desired,  is used to add awesome visual effects. If you are having your party in a area where no power is available, that's no problem. We have our own power supply to be able to play music anywhere at anytime.   We now have FM Stereo Broadcast capability for car shows and more.  
See you at the Party!

Primary System

The FM Stereo Transmitter

The Speakers

Peavey Impulse 12

Peavey Impulse 15

Peavey Impulse 15 Black


The  950 Watt Carver Power System

The Power Supply For Feild Events
Honda 6500is & 2000is Inverters

Light  Show

And this is what we get it there in: